The World Universal League of Permanent Make Up (WULOP) is a comprehensive global organization combining congresses and world championships with worldwide representation. Compared to local permanent make-up competitions held in almost every country, WULOP holds a real-world championship by organizing semi-finals through country representatives and hosting country teams consisting of the winners for the finale. Speakers taking the stage at the congress are carefully selected and help bring together the most popular techniques and information with the participants.

What have we done?

First of all, we successfully held WULOP 2020, a real permanent make-up world championship for the first time in the world by bringing together 10 country teams selected in semi-finals for a fierce competition in Antalya, one of the biggest metropoles of the world. We hosted more than 200 participants from 12 countries in our all-inclusive congress in a 5-star hotel in an environment where people stay away from the crowds that become lonely due to the pandemic, and brought them together with 15 leading speakers. We helped our guest from Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Belarus, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Romania have an unforgettable experience. The posts we shared on our social media accounts were followed closely in more than 20 countries and we reached tens of thousands of people. WULOP 2020 became a turning point in the careers of our participants and lead the way to new opportunities. We, too, continue to stand by the permanent make-up artists and continue our work today, as we did yesterday, with the awareness of our responsibility.

What will we do?

We continue to return the attention we received during these difficult times due to the pandemic. We have almost completed our preparations for WULOP 2021. We will host over 500 people in WULOP 2021 in Antalya from countries such as Switzerland, Israel, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Poland, England, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Belarus, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and many more to come. In this great meeting, we will host you, our valuable guests, in a 5-star-hotel with an ultra-all-inclusive concept in Antalya, which is a tourism heaven with the motto of training and vacation. As a result of the semi-finals to be held in more than 20 countries, the winners will form country teams and come to Antalya as our guests to represent their countries. And you, our valuable guests, will have a wonderful time with your families while taking your careers to the next level thanks to the information you will receive from the 15 speakers we have in our congress. Always striving for improvement and innovation, WULOP aims at creating a feast for our guests without compromising on service quality or professionalism. Steering the sector, WULOP continues on its way to do better by bringing new opportunities with our esteemed artists. REMEMBER! There is no loser in this competition…


WULOP is a competition consisting of 2 stages.

- Semi-final competition

- Final competition

The semi-final and final stages consist of 5 different categories.

- Hair stroke technique with device

- Micro Blading hair stroke technique

- Lip stick effect with device

- Shadowed eyeliner with device

- Powdered eyebrow with device

Our participants must communicate with our representatives in their own country, complete their applications on the official website and declare that they want to participate in the semi-finals. Competitors will be able to apply for the competition by choosing one or more categories. After the selection of our representatives and our approval, 1 winner will be announced for each category as a result of the scoring made by the independent jury members. Country teams consisting of category winners will compete for the championship title by representing their country in the grand finale in Antalya. The grand finale will take place in 6 different categories, with the team score category in addition to the 5 categories in the semi-final. 1 jury from each participating country will be in the final jury. The final jury will give scores to each country except their own team, and the world champions will be chosen fairly and collectively in 5 categories and the world champion team will be chosen according to the team score total. The finalists who are entitled to participate in the grand finale will be hosted in a 5-star hotel in Antalya, including ultra-all-inclusive accommodation and airport-hotel-airport transfers. The people to be selected for the live model application (minimum 3 and maximum 5 people) will be selected together with the team leader and the country representative. Models chosen for the live application will accommodate for 5 days and will be able to benefit from all the facilities in the hotel except for the congress. The costs of plane tickets, passports, visas etc. will not be covered by Wulop organization. The finalists will win the Silver A package. The finalists can switch to a Gold or Diamond package by paying the difference (please contact the Head Office to learn the price difference). Our event also includes surprise events, stage shows, a magnificent gala and an award night, which will last 7 nights, including a 2-3-night vacation. WULOP 2021 is preparing to mark a first in the world by combining business, art, entertainment and vacation. If you want to take your place in this exciting feast and want to take the permanent makeup OSCAR to your country, contact your country representative!

Congress Participants

WULOP 2021 will bring undoubtedly the best speakers of the permanent make-up sector together and be home to countless unforgettable moments. Our esteemed guest who did not rank first or did not participate in the semi-finals have the opportunity to take part in our event as congress participants. 15 speakers, all experts in their respective fields, will take part in the congress, providing the participants with trend information from the world of permanent make-up. Simultaneous interpretation in 8 different languages will be provided for our congress participants (English, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Persian, German, French and Spanish) maximizing the efficiency of the congress. Our congress participants will both improve themselves professionally and be a part of this magical world by taking a vacation with their families in Antalya, the holiday paradise. At the same time, our participants will have the opportunity to win surprise gifts given by both our sponsors and us. The congress participants can witness the excitement of the competition and participate in the unforgettable gala night depending on the package they choose.