Although its standards change, the beauty that is valid all over the world is a passion that has not changed for mankind for centuries. Along with the developing technology, the sense of beauty and practices continue to change and develop. Permanent make-up applications, which is the most developing branch of the beauty sector, of which quality is increasing day by day, continues to be a solution to many problems and requests with the experience of professionals, who are experts in their fields.

As World Universal League of Permanent Makeup (WULOP), we aim to support further enhancement of the quality in the permanent makeup industry by ensuring that the experiences accumulated over the years are transferred to new generations and by bringing new talents to the world stage with our global PR power.

After the performance of the country teams to be determined by the semi-finals to be held in 20 countries in the Grand Final in Istanbul, stars of the sector will be determined in the categories of Eyeliner, Ombre Lips, Eyebrow Micropigmentation, Microblading and team classification. This competition, which will be international, transparent, and which will have continuity and validity, promises the worldwide promotion and international networking chances as well as surprise awards to the ranking specialists.

WULOP brings together industry leaders from all over the world in Istanbul. Experts, who will speak in Master Class, which offers Congress and 5 language options within the scope of WULOP, will share their knowledge and experience with the participants.

You can contact us by e-mail for all the details: info@wulop.com


The world stage is waiting for you: WULOP

Semi-Final Contest

Consisting of the world's leading permanent makeup experts, WULOP jurors are looking for the best in the industry. If you say “I am that person!” fill out the form immediately, first demonstrate your skill in the semi-finals in your country, and then wave your country's flag with your team in the grand final in Istanbul. Don't miss the opportunity to come to the world stage with your expertise and surprise rewards!


  1. Permanent makeup specialists at all levels can participate in the semi-finals.
  2. Competitor applications can only be accepted through the official website of WULOP, www.wulop.com. Those who do not fill out the form on the website cannot participate in the semifinals.
  3. After the preliminary application by the form, the organizer of the relevant country communicates with the participant and completes the application. After the application is completed, the participant's name is added to the list of competitors. Those, who do not have their names in this list, cannot compete.
  4. The semi-final participation fee is €300. Participation fees are paid to the organizer. If required, the organizer may add the taxes on the said fee depending on the country.
  5. Semifinals will be held in 4 categories.
    1. Eyeliner Shading
    2. Ombre Lips
    3. Eyebrow Shading
    4. Microblading Hairstrokes
  6. A participant can compete in more than one category at the same time.
  7. Semi Final competitors provide their equipment and models on their own. The working area (lamp, stretcher, whatnot, etc.) is supplied by the organizer.
  8. The winner, first runner-up and second runner-up of the category, which will be determined by the scores of the Semi-Final jury, will be announced on the website. The winners of the four categories will compete for their country in the Grand Final by forming a country team.
  9. Awards of those ranking in the Semifinal (for each category):
    1. Winner: Platinum Package and Grand Final right
    2. First runner-up: 70% discount on the Diamond and Platinum Packages
    3. Second runner-up: 50% discount on the Diamond and Platinum Packages
    4. € 100 discount on the package chosen by all participants
  10. The teams will participate in the Grand Final, which will be held in Istanbul on November 5, 2020, together with 2 live models. Eyebrow Shading and Eyeliner Shading will be applied to 1 live model, Ombre Lips and Microblading Hairstrokes will be applied to the other live model. The country team will stay in the hotel on an all-inclusive basis on November 4-5-6-7-8 and will be hosted by WULOP. On the other hand, live models will stay in the hotel on November 4-5-6 and will be hosted by WULOP.
  11. Finals in Turkey will be held in 5 categories:
    1. Eyeliner Shading
    2. Ombre Lips
    3. Eyebrow Shading
    4. Microblading Hairstrokes
    5. Total Team Score
  12. In result of scoring in 5 categories, the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up will be selected for each category.
  13. Ranking people will receive surprise gifts and prizes. Teams ranking in the team score category will also be given a monetary award.
  14. Our final jury members, one of the best in the world, will introduce the participants who ranked in the Grand Final to the world through their social media posts. In this way, the winners, who will receive global recognition, will have the right to use their titles valid throughout the world as a logo. (For example: WULOP 2020 World’s Second Runner-up…) In addition, the category winners will participate in the next WULOP event as guests of honour.


November 5-9, 2020, İstanbul

  • November 4:  
  • Check-in
  • November 5:  
  • Grand Final
  • November 6:  
  • Congress Day 1
  • November 7:  
  • Congress Day 2
  • November 8:  
  • Master Class, Gala Night
  • November 9:  
  • Check-out